Italian T-shirts that fit you perfectly

Dress Luxury Clothes

Do not let yourself take a fantastic opportunity to buy attractive models of clothing, which will perfectly suit you. You can get Italian T-shirts at great prices.
T-shirts in which you will literally shine

Are you not a foreign Italian fashion? Italian T-shirts are in this case as sewn for you tailored. Prepare for the coming season. Familiarize yourself with the captivating elements that come from the workshops of creative design masters of Italian provenance. If you are faithful to modern trends that apply to the clothing area, you will certainly not be proud of an inspiring offer of a verified retailer. Go shopping in the shop, accessible conveniently via the Internet.
Attractive models

Equip your wardrobe with luxurious garments offered by an online retailer for sympathic prices. Italian T-shirts should not be missed. Simply inspire an excellent collection.

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The offer also includes renovation of existing equipment

We can notify all those interested in making furniture tailor-made that we can order such services. You will surely enjoy our Pilsen cuisine. It will not only be nice, but also usefully equipped, exactly according to your requirements and wishes. Our customers are always informed about the state of work. They also reflect the smallest details, including the purchase and placement of appliances.
Entice the production of your furniture to us
Do you attract our cuisine Pilsen? We make them ourselves. I use quality materials for this. We also have the necessary technical facilities. It only allows us to do our job in the highest quality. The customer can visit us at any time and see how everything is going. We like to work closely with them, as there are no irregularities.

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New equipment of the apartment

Our company manufactures and supplies quality cabinets and other tailored furniture. If you need helpers to assemble your cabinets tailored to your home, do not hesitate to contact us. We offer a range of materials from which we produce quality furniture that looks elegant and modern.

We have been working in our market for many years and have become real experts who will design and assemble cabinets and furniture that fit perfectly into your interior. We always advise clients well, we perform the necessary measurements and create a 3D preview of the planned furniture. We will also agree on a price that suits you.

Architect Services

If you need the services of an architect on built-in wardrobes, here we will meet you. Every year, a lot of innovations are coming to our market, covering furniture and household equipment, and who else is better off than an experienced architect? We really think of everything.

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When the carpets and the Qomu!

When you're looking for a truly high-quality carpet when you want silk carpets when you want to hand-bound carpets when you want to buy a real artwork, then there are gorgeous and completely original carpets from the Iranian city of Qom. Such Iranian carpets can be found in our exclusive offer. You can look at it at any time, it is available for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is the beauty of our internet offer. Another addition is the possibility to ask us through our form for any additional information that you will not find in the described carpet, which you would be interested in.
We present to you our exclusive offer
We present to you our exclusive offer of beautiful hand-bound Iranian carpets. Each individual piece is a hand-bound original made of silk fibres, presenting incredible hundreds and thousands of hours of demanding work that you can have at home. All you need to do is just to choose the right one for you from our range of Persian carpets. Tempting, isn't it?

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Take advantage of our booking engine

Are you attracted to the opportunity to visit our capital? If you are solving the problem with a suitable sleeing, you no longer need. In our hostel Prague you will get perfect comfort. It's not in the center, but it's easy to reach all the shops by Metro, bus or tram. It is always possible to eat at reasonable prices in the vicinity. If you are interested, please contact us anytime.
We have a year-round operation
Do you want to use our services now? We'll be very pleased. You can arrive at any time as we operate all year round. However, you can order your room in advance. Then you'll be sure to get it. Choose an establishment that will be a suitable location for you. Guests enjoy free WiFi access in all rooms. So don't hesitate and go to us. We look forward to working with you.

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Wooden Euro-Windows it is a residential supplement


Wooden Euro-Windows it is a residential accessory that is not just something to replace their high quality is not just so easy to overcome. They have many good qualities and, when properly used and maintained, will serve their owner for many years. Wood is a material that is used since no memory and a long time to use it still will be.


The touch of history and nature is what makes us a wooden eurokona. And it's good because the return to history and nature will certainly benefit us. We can only take the good and tested values from these quantities and translate them into their ideas when purchasing wooden eurowindows.

The possibilities of these products are great either in colour or in the form of eurowindows.

Ecological material

Eurowindows are produced from natural environmentally clean material and are characterized by excellent thermal insulation properties. Ecology nowadays is the first place, and it is very well. One should think about the future without the ecological approach. Using materials that are easy to break down in nature is a step closer.

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Do you know Bouda Klínovku?

I used to help here in the restaurant and I can say that it is beautiful here. It is a few km (i estimate) from the Meadow Hut in the Krkonose Mountains, which is only a few kilometres away from our highest mountain Sněžka. Which I had the opportunity to visit. It's a nice view of the area, but I haven't enjoyed it much. I prefer woods, fields, water. You say what I mean? I want to invite you to a trip around the area.
Walk? Not even by mistake.
If you don't like walking, go on a bike with cycling tretrami. That's no problem at all. Whether alone or with a bunch of friends from work. It doesn't matter. I dare say that there is a beautiful nature and you can do more on the bike than on foot, and you get the power to work. I don't have to go through it, but what I saw was a pleasure. I am simply a lover of our nature, which is beautiful.

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Relax, relaxing

A holiday should be from a person to rest. Each of us is resting completely differently, so you need to realize it. Think of all those who are on holiday with you. Do they enjoy all the warfare by the sea or walking in the mountains? If not, think of such a holiday, which will surely entertain everyone. There are chalets and cottages where everyone has the opportunity to make their own. Meanwhile, what someone will go on a trip, another can stay relax inside. Children can play in the garden, and you will have a moment to relax.
Bunch together
Are you planning a holiday with your big bunch but don't know where to stay? Do you want to live together to enjoy a great fun? If you rent a common house, your dream will be immediately fulfilled. Experience a beautiful relaxing holiday with your lovely friends.

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Windows with long tradition

Have you decided to install new windows on your house or apartment and do not know what? How about choosing the most modern and high-quality windows that are the most popular? They are plastic windows that have been the most popular window system on the market for many years. The best is supplied by the company APEK.
We sell plastic windows on our online store, where you will find a wide range of the highest quality and most modern windows on the game. In our shop, everyone chooses the right thing, and if you don't know how to choose the windows, our experienced staff will be happy to advise you.
Reduced VAT
If you are building a new house or apartment of a certain area, or you are doing any reconstruction, you can reduce VAT on new plastic windows from 21% to a great 15%.

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