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Benefits of Online Assessment

It is routine for students to be given an assessment by their teachers after a regular period. The assessment is done so as to be able to gauge how well enough the students have been able to understand what is being taught. The period between every assessment in most places is 3 months. It is the teacher of the students that create the assessment they give their students. The most used way of assessing students is by physical exam questions on papers. This is due to the rise and acceptance of online assessments. The use of this method has increased by a very huge amount. The reason for this is that online assessments have a lot of merits. It has merits for all parties involved. A big number of the merits of online assessment are discussed here.

The first one is that online assessment will be familiar to the students. The reason for this is that a big percentage of students do all their learning online. This means that they will already be used to the interface that the online assessment wants to use. Choosing to give the students an assessment on physical papers is something that they are not used to. The students are therefore likely to perform better if they take the assessment on a familiar interface.

The administration will have very little pressure when they chose to do the online assessment. In the conventional assessment methods, there will be a lot of printing involved. The administration will have to make sure that some people are invigilating in the exam room to ensure there is no cheating.

The people who take the online assessment will not take a really long time to get their results back. There are online assessment marking programs that the teacher can use to mark the answers. You will not have to wait a long time to get results from that online assessment marking program marking the answers. Since the marking is done by a computer program, there will be no mistakes in the marking.

Finally, another benefit of online assessment is that it is more secure. It is impossible for the question in the online assessment to be leaked. this is due to the fact that online assessment questions are usually locked in files that have restricted access using passwords. There are no chances that a student marks can go missing when an online assessment is used. Also, it’s not necessary to congregate all students just to take the online assessment in one place. one can be able to do the online assessment from a location of their choosing.

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