Do you know Bouda Klínovku?

I used to help here in the restaurant and I can say that it is beautiful here. It is a few km (i estimate) from the Meadow Hut in the Krkonose Mountains, which is only a few kilometres away from our highest mountain Sněžka. Which I had the opportunity to visit. It's a nice view of the area, but I haven't enjoyed it much. I prefer woods, fields, water. You say what I mean? I want to invite you to a trip around the area.
Walk? Not even by mistake.
If you don't like walking, go on a bike with cycling tretrami. That's no problem at all. Whether alone or with a bunch of friends from work. It doesn't matter. I dare say that there is a beautiful nature and you can do more on the bike than on foot, and you get the power to work. I don't have to go through it, but what I saw was a pleasure. I am simply a lover of our nature, which is beautiful.

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