No sofa bed in appartment

You've already found out. You originally thought you'd put a classic double in the living room, but you were very soon dismissed. A friend had a great idea. You can buy a high-quality sofa seat, which you will only allocate in the evening. It even gives you free space for a small work area where you can work on a computer if you need to. The seat has even a huge storage space, which will not fill the problem. You really have a lot of beauties.
Ideas that enlarge your small apartment
Your miniature studio would be best to inflate, so that there was more free space. Unfortunately this is not possible, so you have to help in another way. Try to enlarge your home with suitable furniture that saves you a lot of space. The sofa beds are non-payment. For now you have a large double bed in the living room and a small sofa. It's very impractical. The sofa is hard and the huge double bed is almost all over the room. Get rid of this inappropriate piece of furniture and buy a high-quality sofa seat.

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