Snowflake doesn’t make you smile from your face

There are wheelers, Snoaks and chumellies outside, but you don't mind. On the contrary, it is a beautiful sight, even if you voluntarily would not go out now. The snow enveloped the whole nature into a white duvet, including all the trees. Only you at home have flowers and shrubs still green and blooming. You are lucky enough to sit on the terrace and in the winter, you have a winter garden!
Hot tea, candy and the smell of Christmas in the air
And as you look at the snow-covered nature, you have a taste for something. Go for a moment from the insulated room, open the door and smell the scent of cinnamon and apples. It smells freshly baked strúdl in the oven. You go further into the kitchen and on the way you will get a vanilla rohlíčků, which you have in advance. You put water in the kettle and turn it on. Meanwhile, check that the window is still snowing. The water already rubs and you quickly going mug with quality black coffee. The coffee beans are sufficient to brew and you will also have a teaspoon of sugar. And now you can return to the garden and continue to enjoy the winter nature.

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