They stand out for their stability and strength

Wooden windows from us are distinguished by their stability and strength, regardless of the size or shape of the fillings. Window frames, which can heat up to 80 °C with sunlight, will not hurt your wooden windows from us! Why? Because wood has the lowest coefficient of linear expansion of all window materials!
Wooden windows
For example, if you choose a plastic window, your Windows may be at risk of leakage due to high expansion of the material, and this cannot be underestimated! This high thermal expansion of the material can negatively affect even the tightness of your wooden windows. This may result in inadequate sound and thermal insulation and poor protection against heavy rain.
Extend the range of owners of wooden windows from us!
Do you want to be protected against robers? Then choose our wooden windows! Because of its stability, wood is a material that also resists burglation attempts.

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