With radio, life goes Better

Without the radio, our life can't even be imagined and how about life with radio Impuls? It will be a walk through a rose garden, with this radio you will be glad to get up and enjoy to fall asleep. All day great information from home and abroad, traffic reports even from listeners, interesting shows, a great team of moderators, everything is complemented only by Czech music. A radio that won't disappoint you.

Without the right choice it's not

With Radio Impuls, the right choice will be guaranteed, a radio that will improve your mood and keep you energizing throughout the day. Great Czech music that catches everyone's heart. For passengers travelling with fresh information on the road, wake up in the morning with a competition hello, this is the impulses that everyone knows and will make you happy with the money prize. Even when falling asleep you will not disappoint, play pleasant and Czech.

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